Here you will find written articles and photos of some the pieces I have made. The making of many of these piece are also featured on my YouTube channel "Kuffys Woodwork"

For a little bit of fun, I decided to make a wooden bodied hand plane. I wanted it to look

I needed a larger/wider TV unit for myself because I finally got myself a man sized TV (slightly larger than

This pair of bedside tables is built from Tasmanian Blackwood and Tasmanian Oak. Featuring traditional dovetailed drawers and slightly curved

  Shapening and using a card scraper can be a pain to learn, but once mastered they quickly become the

This was a very fun and interesting build. I found myself with a bit of time to spare between other

This is a bowl I turned during a very wet and miserable day in Melbourne. Made from highly figured River

I had  a spare moment this afternoon and my workshop was kind of clean. So I took the opportunity to

In this video I turn a wooden bowl made from scrap pieces of timber left over from various jobs. I

This is the bowl that I turned on my lathe using the broken bowl I had made a mistake with

This is one of my first videos that I made for my YouTube channel. I split the video into two parts.