I needed a larger/wider TV unit for myself because I finally got myself a man sized TV (slightly larger than my old TV, but still pretty small in this day and age…). I wanted it to be a simple build, and also needed it to sit very low to the ground so the TV wouldn’t block the view of the widescreen overhead projector screen behind it.

Although simple was the aim of the game, it still had to look good. So I added a gentle curve to the front of the shelves, and a slight concave to the front of the uprights.

I had a bit of difficulty deciding on the shape for the feet. I settled for some chunky bun feet, and I am really happy that I did because they look great.

To finish off the ends of the TV unit, I added opposing chamfers.

I enjoyed building this piece for myself. It looks nice, is as functional as I need it to be. It has also helped to clean up the mess in my TV room by properly housing my sound system, DVD player and my VCR player (I just can’t bring myself to throw the VCR out).

This was filmed for my YouTube channel. The video is linked below.

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