This was a very fun and interesting build. I found myself with a bit of time to spare between other clients projects so I decided to make something for myself for once. I like to have a hall table in the front of my home for a few reasons. Firstly it is a great place to leave my car keys on when I get home, and it is also a “pretty good” place to keep mail and bills. I say “pretty good” because I much prefer to put the bills in the bin! Don’t we all? πŸ™‚ I went a little overboard on the chosen construction methods because Β this way, I can use the hall table to clearly illustrate certain joinery methods for clients on future projects.

The design of this hall table was largely based around the use of a Myrtle live edge slab I had in my shop. It was approximately 1500mm long x 38mm thick and roughly 280mm at its widest point. But it had also been left outside at the timber mill on top of a drying stack of timber for many months. Because of the extended exposure to the direct sun, the top surface of the slab had checked (cracked) heavily as the surface dried out faster than the core. This surface drying also caused the slab to bow A LOT! Approximately 50-60mm of between over 1500mm. The decision was made to cut the slab in half to make two slabs approximately 700mm long. And from there I sketched up a few concept drawings and was happy with how it looked and so I was off and racing!

Be sure to check out the video of how I made this hall table, and please feel free to leave a comment and click the thumbs up for the video. Thanks.


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